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Root canal treatment

Pain when biting or chewing, when eating or drinking hot or cold food or liquids or if your tooth has become loose, could be signs that you have an infection and you need root canal treatment.

We use root canal therapy (endodontics) as an effective treatment to save a decayed or seriously damaged tooth and to prevent further damage to your teeth and jawbone, relieving any pain and discomfort and restoring the functionality of your mouth.

How this treatment works

Root canal therapy is the removal of infected pulp from the innermost part of the tooth. This prevents any infection from spreading. Your dentist will take an x-ray to check your teeth and confirm that there is bacteria in the pulp in the tooth. You’ll then be given a local anaesthetic to numb the affected area, before your dentist removes the infected tissue and gives it a thorough clean, removing all traces of bacteria. Your dentist will flush the root canals with an antibiotic solution and enlarge them before filling them. This can take a few visits and you might be fitted with a temporary crown until the process is complete. You may be offered additional antibiotics to get rid of any further infection. Your dentist will then fit a permanent crown and you will regain full use of your mouth.

Although root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful, the procedure should be no more uncomfortable than having a normal filling, and with the right oral health routine, your root canal treatment should be long lasting and durable.

The benefits of root canal therapy

At Green Park Dental we only use tooth extraction as a very last resort. Root canal treatment can help save a tooth that may otherwise have to be extracted. It also removes the infection that could spread to other areas in your mouth and will relieve any associated tooth pain.

Patient Reviews

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The biggest complement we receive is when our patients refer their friends and family to Green Park Dental. In fact, we have built much of our practice on these valued, trusted recommendations over the years. Read our reviews to hear why our patients are recommending us…

Patient reviews

82 Reviews


Michael Harris

I’m a bit of a nervous patient but Dr Mowla and Sophie Nash have really helped me overcome my fears. Everybody at the practice is super friendly, too. I’m happier visiting the dentist now, than I ever have been.


Fiona Gardner

Highly professional and also friendly- Thank you Sherry



Dr. Smillie and his team are wonderfully professional, with a dental practise that is thoroughly up-to-date and compassionate.


Rachel Roberts

I have been debating rating Green Park Dental Practice for some time now, but I have always had good service with nothing more to elaborate on. In previous appointments Dr Smillie has been nothing but professional. I particularly like the time he takes to really explain what it is he is doing/looking for, the diagrams are a bonus. I had an experience at the practice today that had me left feeling a little anxious and it would have been easy for me to leave a negative review, but out of unfortunate circumstances came compassion from a receptionist who supported me to rebook another appointment with another member of staff for a later date and who checked on me after appearing visibly upset. It is because of my previous interactions with Dr Snillie and today, with the reception team that I will return and why I cannot leave anything other than a five star review.


Kathleen Battista

All staff are very lovely and the practise is a nice safe place to be. All anxieties about the dentist are gone here. I would recommend this dental surgery.


Courtney Elliott

My husband and I have both had a great experience with Dr Sherry Mowla. For both of us she is honestly hands down the best dentist we have seen - super reassuring and transparent about treatment as well as being open about sharing options that may suit.


Márta Babits

Excellent service, in nice and relaxing environment, highly recommended. I had a very good experience from my first consultation to right up to end of treatment plan including multiple fillings and crowns. My dentist Dr. Sherry Mowla has been highly competent, thorough and committed to deliver best possible results. I was most impressed by her skills to make fillings look like genuine teeth surface and my new crowns are the perfect fit as well. Add to that, Sherry was very flexible and friendly, and visible; a real professional.


Andrew Gilson

Dr Sherry Mowla looked after me very well. I was nervous about my tooth extraction but she explained everything very clearly and was very reassuring during the whole procedure. I would strongly recommend this dental practice. Thank you Sherry.


Jack Heard

Sherry has been fantastic as my dentist and my go to for the last few years, she always explains everything in detail, answers any questions I have and is really really knowledgable! I have had a fair bit of work done with Green Park and her, including a filling on one of my wisdom teeth (one of the hardest teeth to reach) which has been perfect ever since and avoided expensive/painful surgery to remove the tooth. I don't know of any other dentists with that kind of experience to look at alternative options and I have no regrets in her advice to fill the tooth instead of remove, a very happy customer. Thanks again Sherry and the team and will be back for the normal check up/hygenist soon!


john elliott

Very good service with friendly and professioanl staff


Siobhan Smillie

Very friendly reception team who make you feel welcome and put you at ease straight away. 'Gentle' Green Park Dental Practice is the word! The hygienist made the scale and polish feel like tickling! Lovely nurses who reassure you that you can raise your hand at any moment to pause the treatment. I felt confident that I was receiving excellent care from the dentist and left with a lovely smile! Thank you to all the team!


Roy Shepherd

Mr Smilie Green Park Dental Service was completely professional in my recent visit for a filling. The family have explicit trust Mr Smile's diagnosis, visits and process.


Bernie hellen

Had a filling done by Dr. Mowla and it must be the best filling I've had. She even put some artistic flair in to make it look natural. Can hardly tell I've had it done. Her and her nurse Ewa also make a great team and were very professional! I would highly recommend !


Anne Kendall

I recently had a very deep replacement filling done by Dr Sherry Mowla. She was brilliant: so calm, considerate, explained everything she was doing in advance and as we went along. More importantly, she is such a skilled dentist, clearly wants the best outcome for her patients. I rate her highly.


David Ballantyne

Capable, professional, courteous. I was late and they still fitted me in.



Have had consistently great treatment and care from this practice for 25years - they have a new treasure called Cami, a hygienist who has really taken time to understand some of my sensory needs, and therefore has made the whole process much more comfortable and relaxed. Dr Smillie is wonderful, and does a great job - has helped me maintain my teeth , even with significant issues, over many years. They are always professional yet friendly. The reception team are also a great advert for this practice - well done!


Daniela Gonzalez Weil

Very professional and very detailed



Great service with a fair price. Front desk staff are always friendly. Dr. Mowla is very professional and helpful. Highly recommended!



I can't speak highly enough of Dr Smillie. He is highly professional, skilled, friendly and patient. I especially value Dr Smillie’s perfectionism and attention to detail. He is an amazing dentist and he brilliantly orchestrates a painless procedure for his patients. His nurse Heather is also fantastic. She was very kind and made sure I was in comfort at all times. I highly recommend Dr Smillie and his team at Green Park Dental Practice and I actually look forward to go back for my routine check-ups.


Rachel Baker

I cannot recommend Robert Smillie and his colleague Heather enough. I am over the moon with my teeth, after having the Invisalign retainers. They were both so professional, informative, and friendly plus the results are incredible. Dr Smillie went above and beyond on each appointment making sure he explained everything in depth to me. These five stars are for them! They were brilliant and I will recommend them to all of my friends.


Julianne Regan

I've been a patient at this practice for more than 7 years. My previous dentist here was wonderful, and I'm happy to say that my new dentist is also. I saw Dr Sherry Mowla for three fillings yesterday, two of which were front teeth, so it was crucial that they needed to look un-fiddled-about-with. The work done was 100% pain-free, from injection to polish, and the result is nothing short of perfect. Throughout the work, Dr Mowla gave me a heads up if there was going to be any 'rumbling' drilling, and although it might be a little noisy, it would not be painful. The dental assistant working with her was attentive, and she and Dr Mowla had a good rapport. Always important. The reception / admin staff are always friendly and professional and the surroundings are spotlessly clean. The entire experience actually verged on relaxing, and that can be rare when you're in the dentist's chair, but at Green Park, it's the norm.


Laura Beresford

Who likes going to the dentist? I do! All members of the Green Park team I've met have been welcoming, kind and brilliant at their jobs. I wholeheartedly recommend them - especially Dr Mowla, who is 'future-proofing' my mouth. I know people are worried about how much everything costs these days but this is money well spent. Go see them and keep smiling!


Maddi Pearn

Excellent, kind, caring treatment from Sherry Mowla, I highly recommend her.


Ceri Loney

Fantastic Practice. I attended with my two children. The staff are very welcoming and Dentist Robert Smillie was brilliant at providing an explanation of the appointment, which included great treatment advice and support. I look forward to future visits. Thank you.


Maria Stritch

I’m quite a nervous dental patient (after some bad experiences with other dentists) but have always received fantastic care since being at Green Park Dentist. Dr Sherry Mowla removed a problematic tooth for me this week. Everything was explained carefully to me before the removal and she consistently checked on how I was feeling throughout the procedure. I also received great after care advice from the nurse. All in all, I felt like I was in extremely safe hands. The receptionists are also very helpful, attentive and professional.


Gareth Jones

I have always been very impressed with the level of quality and service whenever I visit Green Park Dental Practice. Upon a recent trip I had some work done to the front of my teeth and was very happy with the end result. I feel far more confident with my smile thanks to the care and professionalism of Dr Mowla and her team, and so would happily recommend anyone to this dental practice.


peter merriam

I have an abnormally large fear of dentists. However the pain was too much and they got me an appointment in under one in the morning. Very kind and explained everything that was going on. Happy outcome and now pain free. Thank you


Matthew Smith

Would highly recommend. All the staff were very friendly, professional and did a great job from start to finish.


Jessica Bristow

Dr Sherry Mowla was absolutely amazing this morning and her nurse extracting a wisdom tooth. Also Becky on reception is wonderful and so kind and helpful. Thanks so much Green Park dental.



I highly recommend Green Park Dental Practice - Dr Mowla was very reassuring and caring throughout my treatment, she walked me through every step and made me feel at ease.


Steph Attfield

I have a chronic fear of the dentist and as such haven't been for around 7 years. I needed quite extensive treatment as when I was younger I had an accident and fell on my mouth and the work that was done at the time needed replacing. I was treated by Sherry Mowla and she was fantastic from start to finish. She calmed my nerves instantly and made me feel at ease right away. In total I was in the chair for around 5 hours (the thought of which horrified me) but actually it was absolutely fine. Not only did she make me feel at ease but she also did some fantastic cosmetic work on my teeth and now I can't stop smiling at everyone! Huge thank you to Sherry and her team - highly recommend her as a dentist and the dental surgery, especially if you are a nervous patient.


Isabella Morris

Big up, Dr. Daykin :) she took me through all the steps, (reassuring and checking with me along the way) and did an amazing job on 2 fillings and a chipped tooth repair. Best dentist I have ever had, appreciate everything, also thank you to lovely nurse as well! Look forward to Spider-Man stickers next time


Elizabeth Ashenden

Green Park Dentists take very good care of their patients. I have just had a canine removed by Sherry Mowla, the canine had been softening for several years, a recent x-ray showed it was time to act. Sherry was very caring and considerate as I was a little nervous. Throughout the procedure Sherry was very good by explaining each stage of the process and taking care to check I was ok and reassured. I would highly recommend her especially for nervous patients. I would also recommend Chris Rosser who has been my dentist for many years. Chris worked also on this canine which enabled me to keep it for as long as possible. I always feel in safe hands and do not dread the dentist anymore as I did years ago!


Adam Powell

Excellent service from the practice and, in particular, use of their highly responsive emergency out-of-hours service at the weekend. Professional and courteous, would highly recommend Green Park Dental Practice.


Andy Betts

Excellent service from the kind and helpful receptionists to Dr Howard Greeves. He explained everything he was going to do and why. Extremely professional and could not recommend them enough.


Ingrid Johannesson

I would like to highly recommend Dr Howard Grieves at the Green Park Dental Practice. Dr Grieves is friendly and kind, and takes time to focus on the wellbeing of his patients. He explains exactly what he is doing at each stage, he constantly checks that his patient is doing well, and he is happy to show x-rays and discuss possibilities for dental work needed or suggested for the future. I find him considerate and easy to chat to, and even though visiting a dentist is usually a daunting experience, Dr Grieves makes it comfortable and less stressful. Highly recommended.


Dlux Smiles

It was a pleasure to work along side Liz, the hygienist yesterday. As a agency nurse who helps cover staff shortages in Bath, it was with ease that I was able to carry out my duties in a very well COVID controlled environment. A very safe work environment that must be congratulated. Thanks to you all.


Lily Alemany

Doctor Robert Smillie is such a caring, professional and amicable practitioner. I would recommend!


Linda Watts

I have had a hygienist appointment and regular check up with Chris Rosser at the Practice today. I found that the arrangements in the context of Covid 19 protection were impressive. The Practice has substantially changed flooring and furnishings etc., to achieve standards of cleanliness and introduced practices to safeguard patients and staff. This was explained in advance on the telephone and at the appointment with the usual courtesy and consideration that I have been able to expect for more than twenty years.


William Scrupps

Great experience at Green Park Dental Practice this week. Brilliant service and excellent procedures in light of Covid-19. Friendly as always.


Malcolm Flute

Can I put a big shout out to Dr Christopher Rosser for the prompt service today. I very much appreciate your help especially as Im working away from home and couldn't get to my normal dental practice. Once again Thank You very much for the emergency appointment.


lawrence sinclair

Mr Smiley did a repair job on a big awkward chip on my lower front tooth, unfortunately I bit into it on something hard and it cracked again, following this he did a great repair job free of charge with no questions asked. it has held up brilliantly. Would never go elsewhere


Ian Sharpe

Been visiting Green Park since 1991, under the care of Chris Rosser & team. Always been very happy with my experiences there.


Chantal Appleyard

Dr Smilie and the team at Green Park have been excellent from day 1. I've recently finished my Invisalign treatment and my teeth look great - the whole process was simple and pain-free.


Katy Graham

Green Park Dentist have been brilliant. I fell and chipped my 2 front teeth and although I wasnt a practice patient at the time, the team fitted me in at short notice. Mr Smillie was brilliant and reassured me he could repair my teeth swiftly and conservatively. My teeth were fixed within the week and my smile looks good as new. All I wanted was my 2 front teeth for christmas and Mr Smillie made it happen! Thank you.


Simon C

After chipping a tooth in Bulgaria I went to see Mr Smilie for a quick repair job which was repaired very well and at a reasonable cost. After discussing, and on his recommendation I decided to go for Invisalign treatment to close the gaps and improve the symmetry of my teeth. Having finished the treatment I am extremely pleased with the results. I also took advantage of the whitening treatment which I can highly recommend. Mr Smilie himself was very helpful in talking me through different treatment options and then taking me through the whole process. I can’t recommend him enough. A friendly and professional dentist with a great eye for detail.


Jane Howarth

I've been with Green Park Dental Practice for years, seeing Dr Smillie. As a nervous patient I'm always put at ease and Dr Smillie tells me exactly what he's going do. Dr Smillie recently used Invisalign to straighten my teeth and the results are spectacular. For the first time in 30 years I'm not afraid to smile.


Phil Callan

With nearly half a century of visiting dentists this is the first practice where I have genuinely felt that I have progressed my overall dental health. Dr Rosser provides a good informative service and under his care and the hygienists I now have a much better dental routine and overall health.


Jennie Jordan

I must express heartfelt thanks to everyone at Green Park Dental Practice for making months of reconstructive dental work something so worthwhile. Chris Rosser and Kim have been so patient, supportive and reassuring throughout and their attention to detail and Chris's skill as a dentist has given me a smile I am proud to show off at every opportunity. Thank you so, so much.


Frances Dowling

I've been visiting this dentist practice for a year or so now after having had poor experiences elsewhere. I can honestly say this is the best dental practice I've ever been visited. Dr Smillie is a fantastic dentist who always takes the time to explain carefully what he is going to do before he does it. Whilst at this practice I've had my teeth whitened and had a crown fitted, all of which were superb. Thank you Dr Smillie! My teeth have never been in better shape.


Magdalena Mytych

Amazing practice. All very friendly and having a treatment is a pleasure. Dr R. Smillie did wonderful job. Thank you all.


Ingrid Maher Robert

This friendly and helpful dental practice has been great for my whole family and I would highly recommend.


Pamela Jones

I have hated dentists all my life - due to bad experiences. THIS practice however I can not praise enough. The receptionists are brilliant, the hygienist absolutely amazing and the actual dentist is so gentle and gives lots of information so you know whats going on. They also do not do work which is not required. I feel completely confident with them.

6th November 2018

Excellent service. Friendly staff and dentists


Gill Bettington

I've been a patient with Robert Smillie and Green Park Dental practice for over 15 years. Mr Smillie is an amazing Dentist he explains all aspects of treatment, discusses options and makes me feel at ease. I have had lots of treatment over the years but can honestly say my teeth are in good health thanks to his care. My young daughter is also a patient and is very relaxed and confident when going for a check up. Thanks to all at the practice you are the best.


Kate Murphy

I’ve been going to this dentist for the last 15 years . I’ve only ever had positive experiences . The reception staff are friendly, polite and efficient. Mr Smiley is the best dentist ever : he’s really thorough and professional and always explains exactly what he’s doing or going to do . Plus he has the best name for a dentist ! Would recommend unreservedly .


Tom Gale

Been with this practice for the past 19 years and don't plan on changing that any time soon. Staff are very welcoming and I've never left after getting work done with any concerns or complaints.


Bob Tyrrell

I’ve been going to this practice and seeing Robert Smillie (great name for a dentist!) for about ten years and have finally got around to writing a review. It’s excellent. I’ve always found the treatment I receive efficient, effective and good value. There’s easy parking, usually right outside so very convenient, and the dentists and all the other staff are courteous and efficient. If there’s a non routine problem they will also do their best to fit you in quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending them!


fenella davies

Have been coming here for many years - Robert Smillie is a great dentist - really takes care of my teeth and is extremely thorough and professional - also extremely friendly and welcoming.


Sarah Latham

My son and I went for our first check up since moving to Bath. Chris Rosser was professional, personable and knowledgable. I am delighted to have found a practice that is clearly so competent. All of the staff were friendly and professional and the treatment room was very clean and well organised. My 9 year old son came away feeling very positive about the experience too and we both felt we had been given some great advice.


Per Lillebøe

Very helpful when I as tourist in Bath got a problem with a broken tooth. Nice and gentle people and obviously very skilled and professional. A very good experience.


S Crampin

I wholeheartedly recommend the Green Park Dental Practice, where I have been a patient for ten years. Chris Rosser is an excellent dentist, highly skilled and very responsive to his patients' needs, and the team has always provided me with first-rate care and service. Each time I visit the practice I think myself fortunate to be in such good hands.


Merry Taylor

Wonderful team, very friendly and reassuring.


Johnnie Mason

I have been going to Rob Smillie for over 20 years now. He is an outstanding dentist ,totally professional with a good sense of humour.I was in a sorry state in the beginning, but with Robs careful guidance and patience my teeth and gums are lot healthier these days. Well done to Pam on reception as well. see you next at my next visit. Johnnie.



Mr Smillie is outstanding - I trust this man implicitly. Having been an extremely anxious patient I am honoured to recommend his treatment to others. Seriously knowledgeable in his field, he has a very calming influence and is truly understanding of anxiety. I nodded off during root canal treatment - that should tell you everything you need to know!


mike watts

After a 10 year abstinence ,following a nightmare childhood experience, I visited Chris Rosser, who immediately put me at ease, and continues to do so 25 years later Thanks to him, and his team .


Anna Smith

I've been a patient at Green Park for years and they always give excellent service, including the receptionists who are really friendly and efficient. Dr Smillie is my regular dentist, he is always thorough, very gentle and his work is of a brilliant standard. He takes time to explain and answer questions - I've never felt rushed. I see Dr Rosser for my teeth straightening with Invisalign. He's dealt with all my concerns and is taking real care in the process. If you're a nervous patient or just want a reliable, experienced, friendly practice, I highly recommend them.


Susan Williams

Mr Smillie has been my dentist for many years and his work is superb. Today he removed the old amalgam from one of my molars and carefully rebuilt the tooth so that it looks like new. I am a very nervous patient but I have absolute confidence in his treatment.


Ant Oliver

We have been with Mr Smillie for the last 18 years, and been provided excellent service. My wife has had some issues with gum disease which have been diagnosed and addressed. All the staff at the practice are very efficient, and courteous. The emphasis is on quality care and dentistry, rather than flash carpeting - but that is exactly what I want to pay for!


mervyn brazil

My wife and I have always found 'Green Street Dental Practice' extremely professional with staff friendly and polite. A Practice we can rely upon. We have been patients of the Dental Surgeon Mr Robert Smillie for over 20 years, who continues to impress us with his expert guidance and dedicated work. Mervyn & Hazel Brazil.


Andy In Bath

This is a super dentistry practice. The staff are courteous and friendly and the work is high quality. Chris Rosser has a very reassuring demeanour and has worked hard to save every tooth in my mouth without resorting to expensive crowns as some dentists do. I fully trust the guys at green park and will be continuing to open my mouth for them both for treatment and to recommend them


Jayne Selwood

Since I have been a patient of Rob Smillie, my teeth and gums are healthier now than they have ever been. The treatment I have had is second to none, especially the cosmetic work that Rob has carried out for me. Rob Smillie is dedicated, passionate and very knowledgeable about his profession, he explains every procedure in detail and most importantly is absolutely brilliant at what he does. The dental nurses, hygienists and reception staff are professional, helpful and friendly and the practice is always up to date with modern equipment and treatments I have recommended Rob Smillie to a number of friends and relatives who have been as delighted as I am with the exceptional treatment they have received.


Karen Johnson-Wright

Mr Smillie was originally recommended to us, by friends in 1994. When he moved to Bath (over ten years ago) we moved with him as we consider him an exceptional dentist, despite it being a 40 minute drive for us. He takes great care, and is always happy to fully explain options and provide visual reference. Our children (ages 17/15) have only ever been seen by Mr Smillie, and have always been given the very best care. Practice is well presented and always clean and tidy. All staff are efficient, and always happy to help. Parking outside and nearby. Kate, Hygienist and team are also exceptional. 5 out of 5 isn't high enough for this great practice. Would totally recommend them.


Angela Bond

If you are looking for a patient, gentle dentist particularly if you are nervous (like me), Mr Smillie is your man! My dentist for 9 years, he is thorough, kind and will take you through any procedure step by step. My whole family go the Green Park Practice and with good oral hygiene and regular check ups, neither of my teens have any fillings. Great service all round from all staff at the practice.

18th March 2017

Everyone in the dentist profession, including Dr.M, was kind and friendly and nice


Ailsa Ratcliffe

If you are looking for a dentist in Bath then look no further. I think Green Park Dental Practise is excellent. Mr Smillie has dealt with every issue with my teeth(there have been several) with such care and the treatment has always been successful and pain free. He is very good at explaining what he is going to do and I feel very confident when "in the chair"!! Many thanks also to Pam the receptionist who is always so helpful in getting appointments for me that are convenient -much appreciated.


grant caldwell

I am a new patient at Green Park and couldn't recommend this dental practice enough. I am always met at reception with a warm welcome and never have to wait too long for my appointment. Mr Smillie is the best dentist I have been to , very informative and guides you step by step through your procedure taking the time to even draw diagrams etc. A very professional surgery, throughout, you will not be disappointed.


Joao Roe

Very good service. I always felt that I get very knowledgable advice. All procedures and options are very well explained and pretty painless. I have used the practice for many years and have gone through a number of procedures which have always been successful. The whole family uses this practice and we are very grateful for the service we receive.


Tom Jenkins

Visited Anna the hygienist and the Mr Smillie the dentist, very thorough clean from Anna and Mr Smillie made an excellent job of reconstructing 2 teeth that were basically cracked in half - they look like new now! Clear explanation of all the procedures and a quick and painfree service too. Thanks.


Lucy Anderson

I am a new patient at Green Park Dental Practice having recently moved to Bath and have been thoroughly impressed by the service I've received so far. I was met with a warm welcome, professional and caring staff (reception, hygienist and dentist) and prompt appointment bookings both for a check up and follow up treatment. The dentist (Mr Rosser) actively encouraged questions, and (despite me not being a nervous patient) took great care to ensure I was happy, relaxed and informed throughout my appointments. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice to others.


Naomi Trentham

I've been a patient here since 2002 and cannot recommend it highly enough. I have needed all kinds of treatment and have been very happy with it all. I now bring all three of my children who, amazingly, look forward to seeing Mr Rosser. Chris has a brilliant rapport with kids, treating them with respect, explaining what he's going to do in a simple way making them feel really safe. The staff are always polite, respectful and helpful - receptionists, hygienists, nurses and dentists. I have recommended many friends, with and without children, some of whom had terrible experiences elsewhere and have all come back to thank me. Five stars isn't enough!


Andy Brown

Chris Rosser had been my dentist since 2000 when I moved to the area for University. I have only ever been happy with his service, have since recommended my now wife and our sons to him (she has no complaints either!), and continue to visit the Green Park Dental Practice from Bournemouth where I now live. I am not anxious about visiting him, and have confidence that he will recommend and deliver the best treatments for me and my dental health.

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