What is an e-consult?

An e-consult is a simple and effective way for new or existing patients to ask the dentist ( or therapist ) a question without having to attend the practice. It often includes a “selfie” photograph.

What type of questions?

Anything relating to dentistry, especially issues about the front teeth e.g.

E-consult 1

Discolored Tooth Gover Dentistry

One of my front teeth is changing colour and has become quite noticeably darker than the others. My previous dentist told me I would need to consider a crown or whitening. What options can you recommend?

E-consult 2

Drtomfoley Photo Of Chipped Tooth

I fell over and chipped a front tooth a few years ago. I am getting married next month and would like to fix this tooth and have my teeth whitened. How do I go about this and how long would it take?

E-consult 3

Mucocele On Lower Lip

I bit my lip about two weeks ago and a lump appeared. Although it is not hurting I am very aware of it and it doesn’t seem to be getting smaller. Do I need to come and see you? Should I see my doctor?

E-consult 4

SeverePerioSmileMakeover 1

My previous dentist told me I have severe gum disease and should see a specialist. I have noticed some of my teeth have become loose and even started drifting over the past 6 months. Can you advise on what I should do to fix this? Can you fix this or do I really need to see a specialist?

How do I set up my own e-consult?

Simply take a good quality selfie photo of your mouth or teeth, trying to focus on the issue you wish to discuss.

Write an outline of your dental issue. The more information you can give us the better – How long have you had this issue? Do you have a specific time frame in mind? What’s your budget? Etc.

Email this information to enquiries@bathdentists.co.uk

What next?

We try to reply to email enquiries the same day and can give a reasonably accurate diagnosis and approximate idea of treatment costs. However, in order to make a definitive diagnosis, outline your options fully and give a more accurate estimate of costs, we would generally recommend a follow up consultation in the practice. This enables us to examine your teeth in detail, take any necessary x-rays or models and discuss your specific requirements.

Please be aware, an e-consult does not take the place of a full dental examination and the feedback we provide is based solely on the written and pictorial information you provide.