Don’t take any unnecessary risks. If you’re experiencing a dental problem, these questions will help you decide if you need to be seen for urgent treatment.

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  1. Is it following a tooth extraction? If yes, have bitten on  the gauze provided for 15 minutes?
    If you haven’t, these’s no need to call yet
    If you have, call for emergency advice ASAP
  2. Is it your gums that are bleeding? If yes, this is not urgent and these is no need to book
    Was the bleeding caused by a blow or other truma to your mouth? If yes, call for emergency advice ASAP


  1. Have you noticed any swelling around the tooth or can it be seen on the outside of your face?
    Does the swelling extend to your eye/neck? If yes, call for emergency
  2. Is the swelling affecting your vision, your breathing or is it preventing you from opening your mouth more than two fingers wide? If yes to any of these, go straight to A&E


  1. Has the trauma caused you to experience any loss of consciousness, blurred vision or vomiting? If yes to any of these, go straight to A&E and call the practice
  2. Has the trauma broken a tooth or has a tooth fallen out? If yes to either, call for emergency advice ASAP


  1. Is the pain making it hard to eat or affecting your sleep? If yes, this may be urgent but if the pain can be managed with pain relief then consider the risk of attending an appointment before your call

Is attending an emergency appointment safe for you and others?

If you or anyone in your house is self-isolating, do not book an emergency appointment. If you are experiencing any symptons, like a continuous cough or high temperature, do not book an emergency appointment.

If you don need to attend an emergency appointment, please follow the below guidelines:

  1. Please come alone, unless you have children and don’t have child care
  2. Please come 10 minutes earlier to complete a medical form
  3. Please bring reading glasses if you need them
  4. Please bring a list of the medications you take

The following problems are non-urgent and do not require an emergency appointment: