What does the dentist check for during a routine dental examination?

Prevention is better than cure. It is always better to stop problems before they start and regular dental checks can help reduce the need for future treatments.

At your dental check ups we assess your oral health and see whether there has been any improvement or deterioration since your last visit. Each check up includes:

• An assessment of any dental problems you have had since the last visit or are currently experiencing

• A review of your medical history and updates where required

• A thorough examination of your teeth to check for decay, erosion , abrasion, attrition and cracks

• Orthodontic classification and degree of crowding/spacing

• A review of the integrity of your existing fillings, crowns, veneers and bridges etc.

• A record of your gum health

• An examination of your mouth and tongue to check for cancer and other diseases

• Where necessary, investigation of jaw problems such as clicking, grinding or headaches

• Dental x-rays where necessary

• Oral hygiene instruction, smoking and alcohol advice if required

• Relative whiteness of the teeth and whitening advice where requested

• Treatment planning

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